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Ah yes.  We aren’t going to try to convince…we are going to threaten to get our way.


This is typical of folks who have bought into the twisted views on the Bible.  These folks either knowingly or unknowingly are Satan’s tools.  Read the entire article.  It outlines very well the Christian’s obligations when confronted by a group like soulforce.  Sometimes direct dialouge is NOT the way.  Simply declining their “invitations” would be sufficient.  Any group that has to be forcibly removed when they don’t get their way…is one group to be dealt with.  there’s a few ways to stand against things like this.  either confront them directly,  decline their “invitations” or other ways.  However cowtowing to their demands is not an option…that simply encourages folks like this to continue their actions.


“The Traditional Christian Position on Homosexuality Must Be Changed or Silenced”


“This spiritual violence must end,” declares White. “We love…the body of Christ too much to allow it to continue these policies that lead to suffering and death.”38 Elsewhere he warns, “The toxic rhetoric ?ows unabated, primarily from sincere but misinformed religious leaders. It is poisoning the national discourse, dividing homes and churches, ruining families and wasting lives. We must do our best to stop that ?ow of poison at its source.”39

Traditional teaching on homosexuality sparks violence; religious leaders dispense a toxic ?ow of traditional teaching; the ?ow must be cut off at its source—churches, Christian schools, evangelistic institutions, or any other places where the traditional biblical view on homosexuality is promoted. But how? “What I suggest to all homosexuals and their supporters,” White advises, “is to create tension between the church and the gay community.”40

To create that tension, Soulforce chooses a church, Christian college, denominational conference, or organization, then contacts them to request a meeting, warning of potential demonstrations or other “direct actions” if they refuse. Such “direct actions” may disrupt or inconvenience, but the group adheres to a strict policy of nonviolence, and there’s no evidence of Soulforce demonstrators ever threatening, vandalizing, name calling, or using obscenity in any form. Some leaders who’ve hosted meetings with Soulforce have positive things to say about the encounters,41 while others who’ve refused to meet their terms have been obliged to have them forcibly removed from their property.42 The meeting they request normally includes an allotted time to present their views to the church or campus, informal discussions, distribution of their literature, and meetings with the church or college leaders.

Annual events include the Equality Ride (bus riders visiting Christian seminaries and Bible colleges), the American Family Outing (delegates visiting megachurches), and Soulforce Q (international outreach). Clearly, then, Soulforce’s attempts to change the church’s views on homosexuality are expanding. So let me offer three general suggestions to consider when Soulforce calls.

via When Soulforce Calls.