June 8, 2011 Brunswick Christianity Finance 2

For nearly 8 years now I have been working two jobs…one mowing grass and my business…Emmanuel Computer Consulting. This dual arrangement worked for a while but recently it became clear I needed to concentrate on my business as client calls were beginning to interfere with my ability to fully perform my duties as a field supervisor at my other job.  I have the philosophy to give 100% at whatever you are doing..and my mowing job has been no exception.  It has resulted in the owner allowing me to practically run the company in his absence with confidence his business will be taken care of.   i’ve been praying for restitution to this situation.  Recently my wife Gen was released form her job because “she did not have a positioned available at the new facility”.  80% of our household income just went poofies.  Well Gen and I had been praying for her to get out of the job she has and for me to be able to step in with my business and take her place(which in my opinion is how it should be).  I just had a meeting today with the owner of a much larger IT firm about doing some sub contracting work for him at his request.  After a very productive conversation and a good negotiation we came to a mutually agreed per-job payrate.  I now have to talk to the manager with whom i would be working with on a daily basis.  Once that interview is completed if they both approve i’ll have a contracting job making more than double what i make at the lawn mowing job.  This contract is at least 6 months..almost certainly longer.  I just now realized something as i type this…the barrier(which i could not figure out what it was) to me being able to do just this was gen’s job.  Not that i wanted her to loose her job…but me and gen BOTH wanted the roles to be reversed per say.  The Lord is providing that right now. One of my clients has an office manager position offer which gen would love to work at…it’s 10 minutes from the house and i literally drive by it every time i head to Frederick and back.  It would be perfect.  So far I have moved out of the way and let God work this out….He is working mightlyily indeed.  Updates to follow..:)