August 11, 2011 Christianity Church Family 1

I had a long day at work yesterday..not a bad one.. just long.  It has been so dry my days with my mowing service employer have been just a few hours or non-existent.  I got home and i was tired but not dehydrated or overheated…i felt good for a days work well done.  I spent some great time at church talking with the youth pastor and chaired a meeting of the IT committee which i run.  All in all a productive night.  When I got home though things went sour quickly.  I began to feel light-headed, then went to nausea, migraines, and sinus pressure.  I felt like i was going to throw up then i got dizzy and began shaking..nearly uncontrollably.  My wife who is my rock on this earth told me it has to be a spiritual attack,,,why?  I was not overheated…i was not dehydrated…i had not eaten fast food for lunch…nothing of the things i am prone to do during the day to get me to this state have i done.  We began praying….we prayed against the sickness hitting me in Jesus’s name.  We prayed the pure blood of Jesus over all of us.  I don’t know how long i was under this attack but finally the pain subsided enough…the dizziness faded…the nausea vanished…and for the first time..i felt tired enough to go to sleep…which i did.  I woke up sometime later and needed to take a couple of Tylenol but otherwise it’s over.  Other than not remembering anything else about last night and being a little disoriented today I am 100%.  Upon talking with my wife this morning I had a bit of divine discernment.  The whole family is getting “beatdown” because we have all decided we are going to start attending church activities on wed night.  Wed night is a powerful spiritual night at our church and we are going to jump into the pool….our good adversary apparently does NOT want us to do this….however he has not learned that at least with us..when you do stuff like this it only strengthens our resolve to do it.  For those who know me well I’m a pig headed(oh my goodness one of my cats just fell into the washing machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  rofl!  She got herself out though) and if you tell me not to do something that I am determined to do…well…look out..:)