August 26, 2011 Family 0

The typical wisdom during a potential disaster is to fill your bathtub up with water.  This is a good idea unless you avhe small kids where drowning is a major concern.  MOst folks don’t know they already have a bathtub’s worth of water stored in their houses that’s secured from little hands….your water heater.  How so you get to this water?  It’s fairly simple:


1.  turn off the breaker to the water heater and let it cool down

2.  find the drain valve at the bottom of hte tank…you’ll most likely need a flathead screwdriver to open it.

3.  let a small bit flush first…most water heaters collect sediment in the bottm(where the vavle is).

4. using a funnel/garden hose..something drain the water into a bucket or other container.

5.  pour into potty flush tank

6.  flush potty


Obviously i would not use this for drinking or cooking unless it was boiled first..but if you get enough 1 gallon jugs or something else fill those up with fresh tap water(cold) and store them in a safe place.  1 gallon per day per person is usually sufficient.