October 2, 2011 Church Finance IRS 0

I’m no fan of hte abuses of the IRS but these pastors are forgettign one thing.  You are using an IRS regulation to avoid paying taxes( the 501 (c) series).  If you are taking government funds or using govt regulations to get around something you can expect the government to exercise it’s monetary authority over you.  If you want to be free of government interference you need to renounce your NPO status.  This way you have a leg to stand on when not if the government comes a calling.  These pastors who are challenging the IRS are going to loose if they are Federal NPOs and i bet all of them are.  If you want to have the ability to truly tell the government to go away stop using hte government to avoid taxes.  Until you do the government has the ability to and they will use it to tell you what you can and cannot say.  Once you take money from the government or you use a government regulation to bypass something like taxes you are ceding control to said government.

Hundreds of pastors thumb noses at IRS.