November 16, 2011 Anti-Americanism Patriotism Politics 2

The media is hard at work trying to depict the OWS as nothing but bad.  Read Karl’s full post linked below and read his other posts about OWS and you’ll see a different picture.  The violence shown in the traditional media is meant to try to minimize the protests.  The same thing happened to MLK btw.


There are multiple swirling rumors (and some information that’s not-so-rumorish) about the “raids” that have been directed against “Occupy” folks across the country in various cities.

The tactics and coordinated dates of the actions strongly suggest central command and control — and that’s exactly what’s swirling around — that Washington DC is behind it, even the Department of Homeland Security.

Got that folks?  You’re a terrorist if you wave a sign and demand reform or, God Forbid, you choose sleep in a park or speak in public.  Never mind that the First Amendment says nothing about a time limit on your right to “peaceable assembly.”

Oh, and who’s in the White House right now and who was accused of organizing these groups by the hard right, with the claim that this was some sort of Saul Alinski (or worse) attempt to overthrow civil order and thus institute an effective Marxist dictatorship?

How’s that claim looking today now that the white hot spotlight of a cop helicopter has shone on both the facts and those hard-right “pundits”?  Scattering around like a cockroach looking for a good place to hide aren’t ‘ya?  Why my mailbox has gone oddly silent where it was once filled with those charges on a literal hourly basis.

Oh no you don’t go slithering away in the grass when your “big lie” is blown to bits.  Not around here anyway.  All of those so-called “Tea Partiers” who have made repeated claims that this group was part of Obama’s “underground” team and in fact were nothing more or less than an outright Marxist plot coordinated from the White House to seize this nation and destroy its republican form of government now have egg on their faces to an extreme degree.

I’ll take the retractions now, thank you very little, from the spittle-dripping hard right mouth-breathers.

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