February 10, 2012 General 0

In May of this year.  It turns out our current pricing is a promotion.  When it ends cable alone is 80/month and that’s jsut basic digital.  Internet is another 65 bucks.  We can get another 1 year promotion on the cable and get it knocked down to 50/month but internet promo is only 6 months and then it stays up at 65 bucks a month.  So we can basically extend things for 6 months then blamo.  Ain’t happenin.  I am going business class.  I take 65/month and have unlimited downloads.  Right now we have been living with Comcast’s 250 gigs downloading limit.  With business class we get 65/month for 3 years locked in and no bandwidth limit.  We’ll keep netflix but instead of limiting ourselves we’ll just light it up.  Once we buy a new tv we’ll use the tons of internet apps they have these days to grab 95% of everything we watch anyway at least whatever apps we can’t find for the wii.  Yes there is a way to watch football without having cable tv..:)

We are joining the cord cutters as we are called..:)