September 14, 2012 Anti-Americanism 0

nough said


Its pretty simple, really.There is a long history in Presidential elections, and the Muslims are not stupid — The American people typically will not change a President during a significant armed conflict or other time of material international disruption.Think about it.And then consider this — Obama is as about as friendly to radical Muslims as a US President could ever be without inviting them to the White House for his daily security briefings and giving them the keys to our arms depots.So we have escalation now, with the intent of drawing in the United States and driving outrage here at home.If that is achieved, the bet is, the American people will not “take a risk” with Romney.Im willing to bet the Muslims are scared to death that Romneys first act will likely be to pull a Reagan as he is rumored to have done with Iran when he won election, telling the Iranians that if the hostages were still being held when his hand went on the Bible they were going to find out about the truth of that 72 virgins in paradise schtick roughly 15 minutes later.I betcha thats the calculation — this is not about a “movie” or anything else — and that would nicely explain the mealy-mouth crap coming from Obama and Hillary too.The bottom line is that theyre both so craven that keeping their job is far more important than anything else — like, for instance, the lives of our embassy staffers.We already know what they think of The Constitution.Ill also bet that Congress doesnt have the balls to stand up and cut off the money to all these nations either.

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