November 22, 2012 Anti-Americanism Politics 0

Karl Denninger has this nailed perfectly and also debunks the lesser of two evil argument as well.

Think long and hard ladies and gentlemen.  Political parties and groups will try to tell you that you must choose between evils, and of course they are the lesser of them, as if there is no other option.  But there are other options — you can refuse to participate entirely or you can go off and form a new group among those of you who refuse to be abused.

The woman in an abusive relationship or the person in a cult may not recognize that they are the victim of abuse but this does not change the objective view of what is going on.  Your time, effort, personal well-being and sometimes wealth are being siphoned off for the benefit of others — and to your detriment.

Today is a day for reflection and to give thanks for that which we have, for many do not.

But it is also a day to reflect on the relationships we have in our lives, whether they be personal, professional or political, and determine which of those are truly complimentary and mutually beneficial and which are, in fact, co-dependent and abusive.

As we move toward the New Year let us all strive to make that determination and to rid ourselves of those relationships that fit in the latter category; we will all individually be better people, and as a society we will find collective benefit through this process as well.

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