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Wonderful.  Facebook is now intentionally reducing the reach of everyone’s posts..unless you promote them..which is a paid thing.  I don’t mind them trying to make money but this is done in the typical sneaky Facebook way.  of course i’m not highly invested in Facebook as i see it as a fad’ll go away in the next few years.


There’s a meme that has been flying around for a while since Facebook introduced the “promote” feature (where you can pay to cause your postings to show up on people’s consolidated timelines — and if you don’t, most of the time they won’t) that I’d like to address:

Many of us managing Facebook fan pages have noticed something strange over the last year: how our reach has gotten increasingly ineffective. How the messages we post seem to get fewer clicks, how each message is seen by only a fraction of our total “fans.”

It’s no conspiracy. Facebook acknowledged it as recently as last week: messages now reach, on average, just 15 percent of an account’s fans. In a wonderful coincidence, Facebook has rolled out a solution for this problem: Pay them for better access.

As their advertising head, Gokul Rajaram, explained, if you want to speak to the other 80 to 85 percent of people who signed up to hear from you, “sponsoring posts is important.”

What, did you think that you were going to get something for free forever?

Well, no.

But here’s the problem — Facebook apparently can’t make any money (so their results show) without trying to ding you on both sides.  In other words not only do they insist that a person with a page pay to reach most of the people who “like” them, they also then spam the users who like the page with their own advertising.

This is tantamount to an admission that their advertising model is a failure.

And if anything that model has only gotten more aggressive.

via Facebook’s “Promote” Blows Up In Their Own Face? in [Market-Ticker].