April 10, 2013 Church 0

What is the most common form of horrid sound?  It is called band in a box..that is where you drive the monitors so loud you can hear them over the main loudspeakers.  It is usually due to bad monitor placement and the inability of the folks on stage to realize you don’t need to have ear splitting levels.  The monitors are not supposed to be the substitute for listening to each other..if you have to run the monitors that loud your musicians, vocalists, and worship leaders need to be re-taught with practicing under proper sound field setups.  If that cannot be achieved..then you can use in-ear monitors.  Running the monitors so loud the hair on the stage personnel is blowing backwards makes the sound in the room totally confusing to the mind..especially when DSP Processing and things like reverb and chorus effects are also misapplied to things like instruments..:)  Combine the effect of the bands monitors bouncing off the back walls which induces an unnatural delay which is also then causing the MAINS to now be overrun by the monitors and you have a totally confused soundfield..the obviously delayed sound is louder than the unreflected mains which despite arriving first their foundational sound is lost in the shuffle.  When digital processing is then applied to the mains it worsens the effect.  The mains can now be also delayed INTO the now artificially reflected and overbearing monitors.  Now you have this psychedelic effect which creates a muddled mess of sound that is excruciatingly hard to figure out what is first what is second and what is the primary sound and what is delays and reverbs and even what is really sound and what isn’t.  Inside this soundfield the audience is having to do so much work just to concentrate the message is lost.  From the musical performance to the pastor at the pulpit I’ve seen the effects as folks have to struggle in this soundfield.  What’s worse is many times the stage personnel can’t understand why folks are tuning out..because all they hear is themselves..and it’s not even themselves..it’s the amplified(and maybe even digitally processed) themselves.  The monitors should be background boosting not the stage folks primary way of hearing their performance.  I could go on and on…if you wish for me to elaborate further ask questions otherwise I’m going to start going in circles if I continue..:)


The Rule Of Three When It Comes To Church A/V Systems – Church Hub.