September 10, 2013 Uncategorized 0

I miss my cats

I miss my cats
one orange and one kinda black
I miss them greeting me in the morning
I miss them looking at me saying good night
Mandaryn was the flake
and had to sneak up on her water
Majyk was the “old lady”
not to be fooled by such things
Mandaryn succumbed to failing health
Majyk to a broken heart.

I will pull though this
and keep their memories alive.
My heart is broken too…i jsut wanted them to know
Tears run down my face
as i sit here blowing my nose
I greive for both of them
both still freshly gone
my family’s hearts are all broken
we will soldier on
We miss both of these cats
more than pets were they
Integral parts of our household
have now both passed away.

Heather, Alessa, Chloe, and I
are all sad today
We all miss these cats
that have quickly passed away
We miss our cats dearly
but we know something today
our family was made better
by their presence before they passed away

We say goodbye to them now
with sorry on our faces
But we all know one thing
They are both in better places
We intend on monuments
on our property one day
To properly honor our friends
from now and every day

Thank you.