February 16, 2016 Canadian Politics 0

Karl denniger has a good breakdown of this issue when it comes to Ted Cruz.

first there is this question about his citizenship:

There’s a clean question on the table regarding dual citizenship for persons born in Canada prior to 1977 (when they changed their law to officially recognize dual nationality.)

Prior to that date, with few exceptions, you could not hold dual nationality with Canada.  In other words the very act of “renouncing” Canadian Citizenship means that Cruz never held US citizenship at birth because his parents had to declare his nationality at the time he was born.

There may be exceptions that were available at the time but the law now is immaterial.

The only material fact is what the law was then, in 1970, in Canada when Cruz was born.

If his parents declared US for him then he had nothing to renounce and he has a document called a Consular Report of Birth Abroad.

This is the legal equivalent of a US Birth Certificate and Cruz either has one from the time of his birth or he does not.  If he does not then he is not a US Citizen as he was never naturalized by his own admission and at birth the nation in which he was born did not recognize dual nationality.

Where is that document Cruz?  Your mother’s birth certificate is immaterial.  What matters is whether you were declared a Canadian or US Citizen at birth and what documentation you have to prove it.

You see, in 1970 there was no “and” option.

Cruz either has that Consular Report of Birth Abroad, which is his legal proof of US Citizenship just as my Birth Certificate is mine, or he doesn’t and he’s not a citizen at all as his parents declared his citizenship as Canadian and the land he were born in prohibited dual nationality at the time.

If he doesn’t have that document, of course, there’s a little problem with the office Senator Cruz holds now, say much less his running for President.


So this has not been answered by Cruz.  Why not?  Now Trump has risen the stakes even higher by threatening a lawsuit.  If Cruz doesn’t provide proof of the required documentation then there is no way he is eligible for citizenship at all which means his senate seat should immediately be forcibly vacated as well.  This also puts all votes he did as invalid and the votes would have to be recounted WITHOUT his vote taken into account.

Come on folks.  Does everyone figure that because the Demopublicans got Barry into office under cloudy circumstances now mean the Republicrats can now up the ante and have a potential clear cut case of an ineligible person serving in our highest office is now ok?  What is even more dismaying is i am seeing many “republicans” blindly following their national party into this cesspool.  Aren’t the local party offices supposed to be able to think for themselves?  Ted Cruz can EASILY have Trump shut up on this issue and embarrass him by producing the Consular Report of Birth Abroad.  Let’s go Ted…if you are a US Citizen this should be easy for you to produce.  If you really want to show Trump up and Shut Trump up produce this document immediately.  Otherwise you are not a potential non-citizen like Barry but there’s no way you are one and you are even worse than Barry and the “Republican” party is even worse than the Democrats.  This means both parties are out to destroy this country…and most likely most of the citizens will happily vote these criminals into office.