March 18, 2019 737 Aircraft Software Technology 0

Quantas flight 72 nearly crashed after one of it’s sensing computers got inconsistent data from it AOA(angle of attack) sensors.  It seems that AOA sensors also cause a freekout of the MCAS software system aboard the 737 MAX series.  The reason the MAX has MCAS is the engines.  The engines on the MAX 737 are larger and because they are unable to fit under the wing they are not only further forward but they are also in a higher mounting position than previous gen 737’s.  Frankly, an aircraft that requires a hidden, pilot overriding, system to be certified by the FAA needs to be removed from the airspace and never allowed to return.  The FAA seriously dropped the ball when it came to certifying this aircraft.  Why Boeing was allowed to do ANY self-certification is unconscionable.  Anyone who knew of this issue should be held personally and corporately liable and suffer fines, loss of revenue and prison time.  This is the only way(not even hundreds of deaths) will change the behavior that lead to these disasters.  Here are a couple of videos about the 737 Max MCAS system: