January 14, 2006 General 1

ABC 7 News – Senate Votes To Overturn Veto On Wal-Mart Bill

Oh please. So i guess when i get to 9000 employees i’ll just move the business out of maryland. This is stupid and it will cost jobs. Lets hope the override in the house fails.

*UPDATE* it appears Wal-mart has the same idea. I quote an article on msnbc.com: ?We believe everyone should have access to affordable health insurance, although this legislation does nothing to accomplish that,? said Masten, who said the retailer may partially pull out of Maryland because of the bill.

I bet WM will pull out enough to get below 10k employees and stay there. That’s 7k jobs gone. Nice try Unions and Dems you just screwed 7k people.

*UPDATE2* other bloggers have jumped on this as well.

MIchelle Malkin, The Political Teen, Soccer Dad. Below the Beltway to name a few.


Msnbc.com distorts things again calling Wal-Mart stingy and saying that Wal-Mart’s probably removal of jobs formt he state is retaliation. I quote from the article here:

The practical effect, for Wal-Mart and for Maryland, was far more murky the day after the General Assembly overrode Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.’s veto of a bill effectively requiring the retail chain to improve its benefits or pay into a state fund.

No one could say yesterday how much Wal-Mart would have to pay, whether the new law would pass legal muster or whether the company would move a planned distribution center to Delaware in retaliation.

Read on into the article to see the socialists therories behind this attack on Wal-Mart and other large coporations.