March 17, 2006 General 0

Well it seems SBS is configured to use offline files by default. Good luck trying to turn them off unless you understand the Group Policies. I am thinking this is only SBS as another 2k3 fresno server i admin does not try to enable offline files by default. I am still trying to get the offline files “feature” turned off. I understand the rationale for laptop users but for desktops it isn’t needed. If they would make it easier to turn this off it would make life much easier. SBs is a great concept. It needs some work though. I have two clients committed to it so I am jsut going to slug through and continue on researching things..:)

So far SBS has been a very frustrating experience. Partly due to my lack of experience with SBS but also I am finding more and more illogical choices in it. This OS is amazingly hard to configure for an OS that bills itself as a good product for novice windows admins. I think that needs to be reworked. I find 2k3 server much easier to administer than SBS2k3.