June 8, 2006 General 0

I had a resident at a men’s shelter i volunteer for leave me a cd
with a distribution on it called ubuntu. It worked perfectly out of
the box interms of my tower’s hardware which is a first because my
hardware is very Linux unfriendly. However, I don’t like the gnome
desktop and i went looking for another version and i found Kubuntu.
It uses my preferred KDE desktop and worked the same. I have grown
fond of the CLI(since i use Linux for servers) because Gui’s on
servers are a waste of resources. I have yet to find a Linux distro
that could find my hardware easily.. What’s interesting is neither
2k or xp can properly detect my hardware out of the box either..

Here’s my machine
athon xp 2400+ 1 gig ram
nforce-2 mcp-t based motherboard
radeon 9600XT

I am typing this inside my new kubuntu environment. There’s definitly
a learning curve and I am tweaking the system as I type. i am
dual-booting 2k pro and kuguntu right now. Once i get things figured
out in terms of system configs and what not the conversion to Linux at
least for me will begin. i’ll keep a small windows partition around
for any games i can’t get to run under here.. This is going to be
an interesting adventure..