November 6, 2006 General 0

I heard something on WJTM today.  It was on the show The American View.  It says that when tv first came out everyone knew it was make believe.  Now that’s changed.  A pack of wolves could devour an entire household but that if it did not make the tv news it didn’t happen.  The TV was virtual and not real.  Now it’s the opposite..what’s real isn’t believed if it isn’t in the virtual world.  The virtual is now real and reality isn’t real.  HOw telling.  Just like many of the arguments by the demopublicans lately.  However, it hasn’t been much better from the republicrats either.  Pursuing Holiness has an article about how the press hurts the Dems.  Frankly it hurts both sides since they aren’t much different from each other on the inside.