November 17, 2006 General 0

First they turn on dynamic weapons pricing.  Now they have added a cvar to allow the clients the ability to operate independently of the server they are on.  Valve i guess is trying really hard to kill source.  Glad i kept my 1.6 server running..not nearly as many headaches.  Talon also posts on this since he admins like 9 CS:S servers.

*update* it gets worse. Valve hosed all server operators with this stupid patch. Talon has the details.

*update 2* If the client sets cl_restrict_server_commands to 2 then 1.6 users ignore all server commands like the cvar enforcements of hlguard and the scanning of hlguard. All 1.6 servers are now hacker havens. I have taken down my 1.6 server until i find a way to resecure it(if one actually exists at all these days).

*update 3* Talon says it’s only for source NOT 1.6. I am verifying with the hlds admins mailing list.

*update 4* whew..this only affects source..:)