March 31, 2005 General 0

One of the readers says she is on the edge of her seat for it is going to be a wild ride from now on in this country. I wholeheartedly agree..strap yourselves in is about to get wild.



Heaven help Greer!

Well said, Mr. Farah. Pastor Rice stood up against the secular Goliaths. He could have kept silent, but he stood up, for which I am grateful. He will be a witness for God against Judge Greer.

I believe God used him to warn Greer just as David was warned about his adulterous, murderous affair. Greer had his day of fame, but now will live in infamy as a killer judge. He will not have the opportunity to bring Terri back. But then he does not fear God, at least in this life, but there is more than just this life.

Terri will be in the arms of God soon and heaven help poor judge Greer and his fellow black-robed judges.

Hlynn Galbraith

Righteous judgment

When Terri expires, the Lord will move. Remember this was done before a nation, just like David’s sin.

I am holding onto the edge of my seat because after what went down here, we are in for the ride of our life. The Lord is the righteous judge of innocent blood that was shed at the hands of wicked men.

C.J. Martin

Death warrant for America

It is hard to describe how shocked and dismayed I feel at what is happening to Terri Schiavo. How can we as a nation allow a misguided, biased judge and attorney rule over the land? What is wrong with a country that would allow them to rule over the government and the people as though there is nothing that can be done?

We are signing a death warrant for what was a great nation by allowing this horrendous act to take place. Does any sane person doubt that this is setting a very dangerous precedent?

I pray that God will forgive us for what has happened and that while there is still life, He will embolden those who were elected to lead this country to take the action required to save Terri’s life.

Karyl Smith

Judicial homicide

I just got done reading what Judge Greer’s pastor said to him and I applaud Pastor Rice for telling Greer what his decision should have been ? he is correct that the answer can be found in the Bible under “Thou shalt not kill.”

Greer is now an accessory to first degree murder in the eyes of God and in the eyes of anyone with morals. The Terri Schiavo case is nothing less then judicial homicide of the disabled.

I can only pray for Terri now, and if she dies, I will pray that she receives justice in death, as she received no justice in life.

Cynthia Johnson

America has lost it’s soul

I am so truly sorry and ashamed of my country to the bottom of my soul. I can’t bear to think about what Terri’s mother is going through at this moment at the hands of people so evil it’s hard to imagine they are walking loose among us. How can this evil prevail?

I know Terri’s true family, her only family is in agony right now, so dazed with disbelief it’s unimaginable. An ordinary all-American family fighting such evil and waiting for the country they have all believed in to help them and to be abandoned in this manner is beyond words. It’s beyond anything I can say, or anything I can think. There is no solace for such a betrayal. No comfort, no end to the sorrow inflicted by this barbarous hideous act.

This is truly a defining point in this society, in this country and what it has become. And the world is watching. Watching us starve to death a helpless, defenseless, disabled woman, while at the same time trying to convince the world of our “goodness” and trying to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqis.

It’s very unpopular to be part of the “blame America first” club, but for the love of God, how can we allow despotic judges, and an admitted adulterer take precedence over the multitude of loving family members of Terri who only ask that she live? America has lost it’s soul.

I believe that God himself will point to this incident in the final judgment of us all. I pray for Terri. She will not die! She will be standing at the side of Christ on the Judgment Day as a witness to Him against those who also crucified her and crucified Him anew.