October 12, 2007 General 0

I’ve had it with vista on my laptop. It’s slow, everything placed int he most illogical places with some items not able to be accessed w/o multiple clicks in multiple windows. On top of that a full 60% of network i plugged into vista would not take a dhcp address from. more than 90% of the problem networks were microsoft based!!

I have wiped the winders from my laptop and gone fully to Linux. I’m trying kubuntu 7.10. I love Linux..as long as your hardware is supported(which MOST times it is) Linux works out of the box. Can’t say that for winders. On top of that with the exception of Firefox and openvpn all the software i use is there out o the box as well.

I might mess with Gentoo on the laptop but right now Kubuntu “just works”.