October 16, 2007 General 0

It just works out of the box…BUT..don’t try to mess with the configuration too much. Root is turned off and trying to get samba to work in kubuntu is a pain. So far I feel like ubuntu is the Linux version of winders..it tries to be everything out of the box and locks you out of may areas where you can customize. This sucks. I’m one of the few not buying into the ubuntu hype..once i have some time i’ll try a Linux distro that works AND let’s me have control over my system without me having to jump through hoops.

*update* Samba is now dead saying it’s a firewall issue..BUT..i can see my laptop in my winders desktop network neighborhood. I think 7.10 needs some work..dern i’m used to Linux distros working out of the box. This one may be a beta..but you’d think they could get winders networking right at this stage of the game.

Luckily it’s only cost me some time to realize ubuntu isn’t all that and a bag of chips. It’s great if you stay within it’s mold..but that’s the winders way of doing things..not Linux/free way of doing things.