October 19, 2007 General 0

I have several folks asking me for my Christmas wishlist so instead of typing it multiple times here it is:
The pc game assassin’s creed

A digital triple trunking police/fire/rescue etc scanner(uniden, bearcat or a good radio shack one works) that can receive Frederick county Maryland, Washington county Maryland and Loudoun county, va frequencies

A new cool daddy fryer(my last one died an untimely death..ask gen i was so bummed..ruined 6 corn dogs)

$5000 cash

(this one is for Haussen) I want that dvd of the native American thing i saw years ago at your house..icey knows the name)

All expansions for heroes 5 x2(need them for gen too)

All expansions for guildwars x2. I already have prophecies.

the following music cd’s(due to my current ones being unplayable):
Jean-michel jarre magnetic fields

The pc game assasin’s creed.

I’ll update this as the days go by so check back often!