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Illegal-immigration crackdown hurts business – U.S. business-
updated 6:36 p.m. ET, Fri., Dec. 7, 2007

WASHINGTON – A crackdown by scores of U.S. states and municipalities on illegal immigration threatens the competitiveness of businesses across the country, a U.S. Chamber of Commerce report said on Friday.

The report looked at more than 1,500 measures proposed throughout the United States. Of these, more than 240 have become law in 46 states, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

State lawmakers and some employers told a news conference that the laws ??? some of which target services sought by illegal immigrants and others the people hiring them ??? amount to a confusing patchwork that would prove unworkable for smaller businesses such as construction firms.
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“What these state and local laws are requiring our builders to do, small business people, is to comply with the various immigration laws across all these counties,” said Jerry Howard, executive vice president of the National Association of Home Builders. “It’s very, very difficult. It literally can’t be done.”

give me a break. It’s very easy. If you would not have gone so far into the sewer as to hire illegals to the point where you are one of the few if the only legal worker would not be in this mess.