January 21, 2008 General 0

Well i have subscribed to the MS action pack and I’m starting with Vista business. I new i was up for some pain trying to integrate vista into my Linux based network..but man it’s worse than i could have imagined. Let me give you a bit of background.

I knew it was going to be interesting to say the least when i was listening to an episode on twit about samba. it was interesting to hear that a microsoftie had told Jeremey Allision of the samba project that ms deliberately tried to sabotage samba by sending 1200 packets of stuff to a samba server simply to start the file transfer process.

In my testing so far vista probably does this with ANY server as i have had my notebook lockup several times talking to either windows or Linux servers trying to “discover all items” before it will either get something from the network, send something to the network, OR delete something form the network. it’s a painfully slow process to wait for vista to do whatever DOS attack it’s trying before it starts transferring or deleting data. This irrational behavior is also present for the local disk as well(although it’s faster). I honestly do not understand this release of DRM crapware that is vista. I am trying to work around it’s apparent reluctance to work with my Smaba server through a wireless connection.

format and reinstall number three time. All i want to do is run my business from my notebook which has a samba server. Apparently Microsoft doesn’t want us to do that. Now they don’t have a choice as they were ordered by the EU to stop messing around and give access to their protocols.