April 14, 2008 General 1

Lst night i woke up literally unable to breathe. It’s a terrifying prospect to face the fact you are suffocating and you are conscious while doing so. I had no idea why. I was stuck upstairs with no phone and my wife was sleeping downstairs. I wouldn’t call out as that would use what precious air i had. Luckily my throat loosed up enough after a minute or so(it felt like an eternity) so i could at least get enough air through to call. She came running upstairs but by that time the attack had passed. It was hard to breathe but i could so i did not call the ambulance(out ambulance service isn’t that reliable anyways). I’m no big fan of doctors(i distrust them actually) but this prompted me to head straight to the doctor. The following morning i made an appointment to see my doctor. The diagnosis: asthma.

It turns out i have some risk factors: Post nasal drip, hay fever, overweight, and i used to smoke a pack a day or more for 10 years. Mine is chronic but not severe. The fact i could gasp makes it a less severe form than the life threating one some have. I still have to keep an inhaler with me though. I will now always have my inhaler and my cellphone(or a phone nearby) in case i have issues. This also means we have to change how we live. The Lord has blessed me with a wife who is amazing at doing research online. I’m sure within hours we’ll already have enough information about my disease that we’ll be able to come up with a good game plan really quickly. I am alive though. The hard part is going to be training myself mentally to slow my breathing down so i can hit the inhaler while having this feeling of suffocating. Luckily i can still work my business and my summer job as well..:)