July 4, 2008 General 0

I have grown over the years to distrust modern doctors.  The recent birth of my second daughter has only set me further against the modern medical establishment..let me explain:

My daughter was born via c-section.  She had a moderate load of merconium inside with her(she pooped in there).  The OB very concerned about that.  Gen went into labor on Monday morning and after 12 hours a c-section was highly recommended due to signs of distress on our daughter.  we went with the c-section.  Gen was having issues(fright) on the operating table and our daughter got taken to an incubator(she was at term and otherwise ok) where 1 doctor and 3 nurses surrounded her.  My inquiries as to why she wasn’t crying for over 2 minutes went unanswered..my gut told me something was wrong.  She then finally cried and we thought things were good.  I got shuttled with our daughter to the nursery where my further inquiries about what went on in the OR where met with the “nurse and doctor shoo”.  I was then told she has to go to the nicu(neo-natal intensive care unit) due to her having low blood sugar.  I was assured this was normal for babies who were of large size(9 lbs 7 oz) and born by c-section.  Over the next 3 days further inquiries were met with,” this particular tracking protein is way to high and is indicative of an infection or inflammation..she needs to stay here.”  That’s all i got.  Take into account though our daughter is not requiring a ventilator but is hooked up to a monitor for respiration, heart rate and oxygen levels.  Finally it’s Thursday..gen’s looking at a Friday discharge and i have no information as to why our daughter cannot come home.  I finally marched into the nicu and announced that unless i got some REAL information about my daughter i was forcibly going to discharge her.  That announcement happened this morning.  10 minutes later the neo-natal doctor called our room and asked to speak with us.  We then got a totally different story:

We were told our daughter has to be resuscitated after birth.  she has aspirated some merconium that has settled into her lungs.  Gen’s placenta was also infected and this posed a double risk of infection to out daughter.  We were informed her cultures came back negative but that her lungs had  not fully inflated yet at the very bottom of both lungs and that x-rays showed inflamed tissues int he same area.  We were also informed that she began to have oxygen levels drop overnight so our daughter has to be put on small amounts of oxygen.

Needless to say my first reaction was total shock.  Once i was able to process things i immediately got furious.  This vital information was withheld from us and i honestly believe we would not have been informed had i not rattled some cages.  I got nothing but the medical shoo at each inquiry.

The moral here is..don’t blindly take modern medicine’s advice on ANYTHING.  Take our time and look at all your options(if you have it).  Don’t be afraid to stand up and rattle some cages..IT’S YOUR LIFE, WIFE, CHILD, BROTHER..etc,etc and the modern medical establishment is not god.

right now I’m still extremely angry with the OR/OB at the Frederick Memorial Hospital in Frederick, Maryland.  Once i rattled some cages the nicu staff has been extremely forthcoming.  Dr. Miller was genuinely apologetic shen she was informed we had none of the information she gave us and the nicu nurses have been a great help the past couple of days.  My issue is with the OB, surgeons, and neo-natologist in the OR and the first nursery our daughter wa at.  Please don’t take medical advice as gospel..you could be making a deadly decision if you do.