July 6, 2008 General 0

Well with our daughter in the nicu and gen discharged it’s time for a new routine.  Get up..head to hospital.  drop gen off, head to work, get off work, get older daugter, head to hospital and we all gather around newborn.  then we all head home.  Wash, rinse, repeat.

They have discontinued monitoring our daughter’s blood sugar levels. It also looks like she is maintaining her body temperature nicely. She has three more days of antibiotics and then we will see what is happening from there. The doctors have also turned down the amount of oxygen she requires to close to regular air levels.

We got some excellent news.  it apears that MAYBE our newborn should be home by this Wed.  No gurantees though but it’s nice to hear the doctors are pleased that she has been making steady and noticeable progress each day.