March 7, 2005 General 0

Actually this is something I want to happen. I currently have 3 linux boxes in my house.
1.) Astaro Security Linux Firewall
2.) File server running CentOS 3.4
3.) Gaming server running CentOS 4(this is my CS 1.6 and teamspeak server)

Now we can add another one:
4.) My wife’s Laptop running CentOS 4/Win 2k pro.

The CentOS installation went smooth as melted butter on this laptop. The only issue is the touchpad does not quote work right. I am not sure wireless is going to be aon aoption without some major tinkering. Now if Linux would just work that easily on my nforce 2 desktop. In order to get that to work I have to make kernel mods and recompile….not something i have done before. Considering I am not a fan of XP and will not be buying a copy of longhorn it is time to start transisitoning to Linux..:)