March 7, 2005 General 0

I have found a blogger who lives in Jerusalem. This is a unique perspective from INSIDE Israel about what the poeople think about what their gov’t is doing in regards to this disengagement debacle. Frankly this disengagement merely creates a vacum whre the terorists can move in and seutp new cells. Plus why are govt’s(including the Israeli gov’t) so determined to give back the land promised to them in the bible(or torah)? I am going to link to several posts for those who want it easy..:)

Main page link: Here.
Disengagement Trackrecord of Failures: Here.
Opposistion to Disengagement: Here.
Orders Could be Disoeyed: Here.
Rabbis Speak out Against Disengagement: Here.
US Babptist Congregation Speaks Out: Here.