November 5, 2008 General 0

The proposed constitutional amendment would enable the General Assembly to enact legislation permitting qualified voters to cast their ballots up to two weeks before an election. About 30 states allow early voting, but a Maryland law that did so was struck down by the state’s highest court in 2006.

The ballot measure would also make it possible for lawmakers to pass legislation allowing people to vote outside of their election districts, an issue raised when the court struck down the previous law. Qualified voters also could be permitted to use absentee ballots even when they are not going to be absent or ill.

Md. electorate faces choice on early voting —

this is a prescription for massive voter fraud.  Yu can vote early OUTSIDE OF YOUR ELECTION DISTRICT!!!!  Tere’s no system to verify identity and all attempts for voting eligibility confirmation are hotly opposed by liberals of all stripes..they don’t want voter verification due to the ability to stuff ballot boxes is significantly hampered.