November 16, 2008 General 0

Now it is time to watch this nation tear itself apart..or begin to over a sin that is one of hte few labeled as an abomination and labeled as one the Lord hates..homosexuality.   Since gay marriage was banned by the voters of california this past election,  gay activists have been going nuts and are now energizing their satanic driven lusts to overturn the will of the voters.  What is going to happen is obama and the demopublicans are going to get the courts to say the people can’t vote this out and “strike down” this ban.  Of course the courts don’t have that power and the fact that folks continue to accept this shows how far away form our Constitution we really are.  The lustful hatred of these people can be seen by the publishing of blacklists and the fact that the mormons are getting targeted for hatred as well.  I wish i would have donated..i would be proud to see my name on that list..i would have my business donate as wlel to wear it as a badge of honor.  I may not agree with the mormons(i find them to be a cult) but they stood out publicly against gay marriage in a highly hostile environment..have to give them kudos for that when many of us Christians didn’t.

Homosexuality isn’t’s a choice and/or a delusion.  It’s not a civil right since you aren’t born homosexual.  You shouldn’t be any kind of protected class of anything.  Your actions are an abomination to the Lord.  Homosexuality and being saved are totally in opposition to each other..anyone who says otherwise is deluding themselves.