November 18, 2008 General 0

It’s interesting that this cult series is written by a cultist herself..a mormon woman.  I read the pluggedinonline review with some consternation because the first part of the review it appears the author gets fascinated by the movie and only later is able to figure out the deep occult currents this movie presents.  Many folks are calling Stephenie Meyer the next JK Rowling.  So far every “christian” review i have seen does not call this movie and book series out for what it introduction and glamorization of the occult.  It makes death and vampirism look glorious and makes vampirism look like another alternative to physical death..but in reality it’s more than’s a truly spiritual damned to wander the earth drinking blood and seeing humans as prey instead of fellow brothers and sisters.  It makes the vampire look like a hero for showing restraint in not attacking the girl he “loves” and defender her against others of his kind.  This is part of the glamorization of the common in today’s world.  I have watched the trailers but where i can pick up the occult motives of this movie is in the music.  After spending over a decade deeply invested in the occult myself I am now able to recognize this type of manipulation much much easier. watching the trailers..seeing the news stores about it..listening to the music..i can feel the old familiar tugs of the occult at my spirit..calling me to rejoin it into that culture of godless, spiritless, culture of death.  Satan is trying hard with this one..but he is doing it subtly..even more subtly than he did with Harry Potter.  This is not aimed at just’s aimed at everyone.  Satan want sto take everyone to hell with him once his reign is ended by Jesus’s return.

*update* i finally found one that calls this movie out for what it is in stronger terms than i am putting here.  Spes Unica calls this movie out in no undertain terms..terms i did not think to use here but i totally agree with.  Take a look at the entire section of Spes Unica devoted to this topic.  it’s very extensive and i’m going to spend time reading it in depth as well.