November 19, 2008 General 0

After decades of being blackmailed with the threat of crippling union strikes, the Detroit Three finds themselves with uncompetitive work rules. It manufactures products which continue to languish with the perception that they lack the quality of their competitors. They offer numerous models, in which the American consumer has little or no interest. They make these automobiles with enormously uncompetitive salaries and benefits; and now the American taxpayers are being asked to bail them out.

I love to buy american..except my cars.  They jsut don’t ahve the quality..and don’t hold their value as well.  Out of every car i have ever had only two were nearly was my first car..a 1979 ford ltd2..the only reason it wasn’t bulletproof is the a/c never worked.  I had the entire system replaced and it kept blowing it’s compressor seals the middle of a 104 degree tecas summer..that’s nearly untolerable.  The other car i ahd was a 1988 ford escort GT 5 speed hatcback.  This little car was a tnak in terms of hte drivetrain..but hte rear suspension sagged(known issue) and the electronic ignition had a design flaw that would cause the engine to randomly due to the location of a eletronic control module.  My current vehicle is a 2001 toyota corolla and with the eception of being hit by a mercedes, a bmw and being literally bounced off of a’s simply run.  The transaxle and cluth went out at 225k miles.  Can’t complin there..the car now has nearly 260k miles on it and the engine is not using much oil..about a quart every month or two..very impressive.  The paint job is still in great shape and everything simply works…:)

American carmakers have not built nayhting i want in the past twenty’s not a perception their cars are crap..they are.  If i make unsound business decisions(not listening to my clients, poor product quality..etc..etc) i will go out of business..and i won’t get a bailout.  The big 3 should go into bankruptcy if that is their fate..uncle sam hould stay out of it.