November 19, 2008 General 0

It was as if a massive salt water wave swept over the country and washed away all of the hate and intolerance. I felt cleansed, jubilant and am still high from the November 4 election results. No more African-Americans, or Chinese-Americans, or Native Americans. We are all Americans.

Friends from around the world have e-mailed. From the U.K., Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Canada, all voicing congratulations. They are so happy to be rid of George W. Bush and the Republicans. Now, most feel they will have an approachable sensible government.

In the spirit of reconciliation, I removed the Obama signs from my yard after the election. I peeled off the bumper stickers. I smiled; and I am still smiling at everyone.

You ahve not seen waht a true marxist can do have you?  Jihadobama has already begun populating his cabinet with hard oleft, partisan, socialst people.  Anyone who tries to oppse them will be surpeseed…yiou can kiss the first, second amendments goodbye to start with.  This regime will curb free speech and start banning weapons left and right(irregardless of the the constitution and courts say).  The wave of intolerance has actually gone past you my friend..which is why htings seem so calm right now… you see hte waters?  They are retreating..the telltale sign of hte tsunami of intolerance and hatred that is about to be purpetrated on this nation.  You asked for…you got it.