November 24, 2008 General 0

The government unveiled a bold plan Sunday to rescue Citigroup, injecting a fresh $20 billion into the troubled firm as well as guaranteeing hundreds of billions of dollars in risky assets.

The action, announced jointly by the Treasury Department, the Federal Reserve and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., is aimed at shoring up a huge financial institution whose collapse would wreak havoc on the already crippled financial system and the U.S. economy.

The sweeping plan is geared to stemming a crisis of confidence in the company, whose stock has been hammered in the past week on worries about its financial health.

Government unveils bold plan to rescue Citigroup – Yahoo! News.

None of the bailouts have done a thing to increase confidence..just take a look at hte stock market.  There corporations need to fial if they are that unhealhy to clean out their bad debt out of the system.  Until that is done the market is going to stay dpressed.