April 26, 2005 General 0

An interesting article. I have some issues with some points which i will address.

“Of what does he stand accused? He put his wife and daughter on his campaign staff, for pay. But, so what? Robert F. Kennedy ran JFK’s campaign, a practice common in politics.”

This practice may be common in politics but that does not make it ethical. Just becuase everybody does it does not make it right. The dems have successfully latched onto this ethics issue and with the MSN’s help blown it way up. It almost came crashing down when it came to forming an ethics committee to investigate the issue since some of the top dems in congress are also under investigation for ethics issues. This part of the story was quickly squashed.

“Under fire, DeLay has backed away from his words. But if his friends back away from him, they will be behaving both cravenly and foolishly. For the enemies of Tom DeLay are after larger game than taking down a majority leader. They want to demonize DeLay’s ideas, abort his agenda and neuter his party. If Republicans can’t see this, they lack the instincts to survive long as America’s majority party.”

There’s one big problem with this paragraph. DeLay has no friends the instant he made waves. The rebulocrats and demopuplicans only have outer shells of differences. Both parties right now are basically the same internally. There are a few differences..but not enough to call them truly conservative or liberal. The GOP is already in the tall grass and they are getting quite cozy with the Dems. This is why I am now a registered independent.