January 18, 2009 General 0

I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is going to be the most inept, expansionist, unconstitutional, and corrupt government this country has ever seen. His cabinet is mostly comprised of either former clinton staff members or those who proscribe to clinton’s ways. Let’s see if i am right. I bet the level of hostility towards Christians is going to skyrocket now that atheistic liberals control all three branches of gov’t. In history when somebody starts talking about how he/she is going to represent the common folks to the highest levels of power that person’s administration is the farthest away from those they claim to represent. Most democrats have been like this..obama i don’t think is going to be any different in this regard. His strong record of support infanticide, so called gay rights, massive expansion of gov’t via gtov’t mandated healthcare, massive social spending(waste actually), the inevitable tax increases such a person brings….are going to do many things for this country none of them good or constitutional.