August 27, 2010 Anti-Americanism Immigration Politics 0

AND THEY ARE WRONG!  If you are in this country illegally you have the right to remain silent…and get deported or jailed.  That’s because if you are here illegally you are a criminal!  You aren’t even a citizen of this country…or have a valid passport or visa, etc etc are here “without documentation”..aka illegally!  This means you don’t have any rights except to get out either by yourself or with the help of law enforcement.

On Wednesday, the Equal Rights Center, a national nonprofit civil rights organization based in Washington, spoke to about two dozen students of various nationalities at an English as a Second Language class at Trinity United about the rights the law provides for all immigrants to the United States.”The people need to hear that you have rights, even if you dont have documents,” Rivera said.

via Equal rights group addresses immigrants at local church – The Frederick News-Post Online.