August 27, 2010 Brunswick 0

It’s not about tracking or least not for the teacher’s union..look at the italicized text below.  They don’t want to tie teacher’s evals to student performance.  Well if your students are doing poorly it’s either the school’s fault or the teacher’s fault.  I think this would give teacher’s the motivation they need to actually advocate for students instead of themselves or step aside and let some teachers that relaly care about their students in.  It’s not hard to find story after story about how “poorly performing” schools get turned around once the lazy, uncaring teachers get out(and this includes the administrative staff) and some truly caring folks step in.

The Frederick County Teachers Association was not in support of the program because several of its initiatives strive to tie teacher evaluations to student achievement.

Board member Angie Fish, a Montgomery County Public Schools teacher, voiced her concern that struggling students would be the ones to pay the price if teacher evaluations were based on student achievement. She worried the system’s best teachers would abandon poorly performing schools. Teachers would want to work only with the system’s most able students.

via Race to the Top will bring changes, no cash – The Frederick News-Post Online.