January 7, 2005 General 0

My wife..the woman of my dreams.

sometimes i do not treat her like a Godly man should,
sometimes I have taken her for granted,
I fell on my knees and asked for her hand in marriage,
and praise be to God she said yes.

We have been married a short time,
we have gone through hell and high water,
but she has always been there
even when she deserved better.

I praise God for you my love,
I wanted you to know I would die without you,
I pray you can see through what little I do
how much i truly love you.

I am a broken man
full of baggage and walls
you are the only one who gets to see them removed
I wanted you to see another side of me
that i had almost forgotten about

My love i wanted you to know
You have me wrapped around your finger,
I wanted you to know our souls are one
and that there is no way i could ever live without you

I have 4 words for you:
I Love you!