June 18, 2012 Anti-Americanism 0

Through our nation’s history, our youth were always taught in school that the U.S. legal system was the most honest in the world, and that “no one is above the law.” Indeed, even grownups were inclined to swallow this Kool-Aid. Perhaps it was our egocentric arrogance that resulted in this self-delusion – a delusion that has become more apparent with each passing year in the country’s 236-year-old history.

Surely, at the dawn of the new republic and for many decades if not the greater part of a few centuries thereafter, the ethics, morality and, to put it simply, our sense of right and wrong were more strongly developed than they are today. The inherent spiral downward that followed has, however – I am sure we all can agree – reached cataclysmic proportions during the last 20 years, coinciding with the administrations of Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and now Barack Hussein Obama.

During the Clinton years, Bill and Hillary, who I dubbed the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics, committed more than 40 major scandals, ranging from Chinagate to Filegate to Travelgate and Interngate. Indeed, Monica Lewinsky was the least of this criminal duo’s criminal misbehavior, as they sold out American high technology secrets to the communist Chinese in exchange for bribes, a clear act of treason. It was only a sex scandal of the Monica Lewinsky variety that caused the mainstream media and even Fox News to veer away from the real crimes of Chinagate and the misuse of confidential FBI files against the Clintons’ perceived adversaries.

During the Bush years, W. ceded nearly total authority to his dictatorial Vice President Dick Cheney, whom he lovingly called “Vice.” Cheney went on to order not only illegal warrantless wiretaps on American citizens and the jailing of American citizens without a right to legal counsel, but also was instrumental in committing U.S. troops to a senseless nine-year war in Iraq – which war resulted in more than 4,000 American deaths, more than 45,000 GIs maimed, all under the ex post facto manufactured precept that the United States, having admirably ridden the world of Saddam Hussein, needed to install democracy in an Arab state. Of course this was folly; the Arabs don’t know and, even after the so-called Arab spring, don’t want democracy as we know it. They want Islam to rule over the world, and to this end they have now installed radical Muslim Brotherhood-like terrorist financed regimes throughout the Middle East. Iraq, for instance, is now run by Shiite leaders loyal to the Islamic Republic of Iran, not the United States. So much for so-called Arab democracy and “Vice’s” fraudulent and stupid world vision. And so much for having sacrificed American lives and well-being and our nation’s hard-earned dollars for this “Arab cause.” Dick Cheney, W’s “Vice,” led brave Americans to their senseless slaughter and lifelong disfigurement.

Then there is the regime of Barack Hussein Obama. Having defrauded American voters that he is eligible to be president, given that he is not a “natural born citizen” as required by the Constitution, for “good measure” he spent the next four years not only foisting his evil socialist, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, pro-Muslim agenda on our nation and Israel, but also compromising the national security of both countries. His latest criminal atrocities include, but are not limited to, releasing into the public domain highly classified national security information about how we spy on Iranian nuclear sites, select drone targets to eliminate terrorists, how we killed Osama bin Laden, how we used cyber-warfare to attack Iranian atomic bomb plants, how we plan to wage war against Iran if we are drawn into a unilateral Israeli attack on the nuclear bomb plants and a host of other outrageous national security breaches and acts (such as not destroying the drone that fell into Iranian hands), which were intended or have the affect of aiding and abetting foreign enemies of the United States. These treasonous acts – undertaken not just to boost his re-election prospects but obviously also to help his Muslim brothers in Iran and elsewhere – are so severe that even hapless and two-faced members of the Washington establishment club, like Republican Sen. John McCain, have been forced, thanks to my and your outcries, to finally speak up in protest – having been largely silent for the better part of Obama’s presidency. Obama’s treasonous acts are the most serious and damaging in American history!

In this context, consider that while the U.S. legal establishment has never seen fit to indict, try and convict a president, many other countries – nations which we believe incorrectly are less ethical and legally minded than ourselves – have done so. Western democracies like France and Italy have in the recent past charged their presidents and prime ministers, such as Jacque Chirac and Silvio Berlusconi, with high crimes and misdemeanors for bribery and misuse of their office. And, Israel, our only ally in the Middle East and a bastion of Judeo-Christian heritage and law, recently indicted former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert for bribery and other crimes while he was mayor of Jerusalem. If this is not insulting enough to the so-called American legal system’s fraudulent claim that it holds “no one above the law,” consider that even countries like Brazil, Pakistan, Karachi, Turkey, Croatia, Taiwan and Liberia – to name just a few – have held their nation’s leaders and former leaders accountable to the rule of law by criminally charging them.

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