June 19, 2012 Politics 0

I’m having fun sitting back watching all the repubs fawn over Romney.  The architect of Romneycare in mass.  Anyone who thinks he’s going to be massively different than Obama is in for a rude awakening.  I’ve been listening to Rush and he’s leading the fawning..it’ll be interesting to hear him try to cover tracks much like the Obamabots are trying to do right now..:)  It’s even more fun due to local folks i know and local pols are also doing fawning…trotting out the same lesser of two evil arguments.  If you vote the lesser of two evils you are still voting for evil.  Blaine Young also tried the “he has business experience” tack when I was able to call in but that doesn’t matter.  Look at his political record..Romneycare.  Obamacare(barring the Supremes doing something unconstitutional…aka..striking down the law) isn’t going anywhere.  If the law gets struck or gutted Romney will be there to replace it with something more onerous.  Romney is going to be Obama without the citizenship fraud and dark skin.