April 29, 2015 Politics SCOTUS 0

I am not sure but I have been following this story.  Considering the current SCOTUS rulings in favor of a horrid gov’t enabling emminent domain(they can take your land for ANY reason AND give it to a private business), and of course Obamacare.  I would not be surprised if the SCOTUS sides with the lgbt folks.  Karl Denninger thinks it might be:

I’ll make a prediction: The gay activists lost their own case in the US Supreme Court.

That’s right — they didn’t lose simply because they should have lost, they lost because their true agenda was exposed; their campaign of deception, of “inclusiveness”, was exposed at the Court and the Justices took notice of it.

They’re going to lose on that basis.

Among the points in support of this was a statement from the Justices that the applicants “are not trying to join the institution of marriage; they are trying to change what that institution is.”  

This is not only beyond the remit of the court it is beyond the remit of anyone just as you can’t change a man into a woman by cutting off his penis and crafting breasts and a vagina onto his body; you can make him look like a woman but he is still a man.

I suspect that was enough to doom the case, standing alone.  But it didn’t end there; the Obama Administration attorney, under questioning from the Justices, admitted that they are likely to revoke tax exemptions from colleges and other institutions if they do not “comply” with such a policy.  For example, a Catholic University would be forced to allow same-sex couples to cohabit in on-campus housing, never mind that a gay couple couldn’t get married in a Catholic Church by a Catholic Priest in any event!

In other words such a couple would not attend because they’re Catholic and wish to live in a religious fashion under Catholic dogma as that’s impossible as a matter of Catholic Doctrine for said gay couple; their entire purpose in attending said school would be to destroy the institution by attacking its tax exemption.  Yet despite that obvious and blatant act of bad faith the government will stand with them and come after the institution, effectively allowing them to use the government’s monopoly on the use of force to assist them in an intentional act of destruction taken with malice aforethought rather than inclusiveness.

I don’t believe the Justices will allow that to happen.

But if they do then we the people of America must not allow the Justices and their demonstrated willingness to allow these malevolent, intentional acts of vandalism and worse to stand as valid.

For their part Christian ministers and others of conviction have already thrown down that gauntlet by stating that they will not comply.

The interaction between those two, should it come to it, ought to be well worth observing — from well beyond minimum safe distance.