April 29, 2015 Christianity Church SCOTUS 0


Welcome to 2015 and the Obama admin has stated at the SCOTUS case now being heard about gay marriage that if the SCOTUS rules for gay marriage any institution that fails to comply might loose(let’s be honest it WILL change to WILL LOOSE) it’s NPO status.  Do you understand what this means for ALL CHURCHES????  It is time to relinquish your NPO status NOW if you don’t want the gov’t to tell you how you are going to operate.  The government is atheistic and doesn’t care about the Bible anymore than the muslims do.  BTW do not think this revocation will be applies equally.  There will be some other faith churches revoked but the vast majority will be Christian churches….namely the “protestant” ones.

Do not think this will keep you NPO’s safe forever though.  Once there’s a mass move away from the NPO status the government will just start taking harsher measures to bring the “non-compliant” to heel.  However while there is still time to act independent form government interference drop your NPO status now.

I said this a loooooong time ago at my now former church and i was dismissed and ridiculed for saying it is time for churches to give up their federal NPO status. WHY? Because if you are going to use a gov’t provided instrument to avoid paying taxes do not be surprised when the gov’t starts to interfere with your operations as you are effectively taking a gov’t subsidy. With gov’t subsidies come the gov’t being able to dictate how you are to act to continue to collect that subsidy. I made this blog post back in 2011 to this point when a bunch of pastors were going to “defy the IRS” and dare them to revoke their NPO status.  What stopped the IRS back then?  Nothing they could have and there’s nothing anyone could have done about it.

The Constitution forbids this!  I can hear this coming back to me.  Yes it does but what has the electorate told the government for the past 50 or more years?  It is not, “You exist at our consent and we DO NOT consent to these invasions of our rights!”.  no america that is not what you have been telling government at all levels.  What you avhe been saying is,”If you give us enough money, subsidies, welfare, freebies of any kind we will allow you to interfere with our basic rights and will not do anything when you violate the Constitution right in front of us.  We will not take action when you not only violate the Constitution but when you taunt us and tell us what you are going to do BEFORE you do it we might complain but will take no meaningful action.  We will elect those into power that give us these abuses over and over so we can keep getting our stream of freebies”.

There are some that have taken real measures like voting corrupt officials out…running for office themselves…getting other citizens involved and active…but sadly that number is waaaay to small.  Even our churches are apathetic when it comes to the rights abuses that are ongoing in this country.  I do not know if it is too late or not.  I DO know it is time for radical action on the part of our churches AND their congregations.  Yes this means the churches are going to have to raise much more money and that congregations are going to have to dig much deeper.  Where is thy faith?  Any church that takes this bold step of relinquishing their NPO status and doing so in a way where their congregation is informed AND is faithful in God’s provision might be really surprised at the results..:)