September 16, 2015 Family 1

I was going to make a book sized blog post but for right now i simply do not wish to take the time to write one of my missives. I am not going to tag anyone because i do not want this to be construed as i am targeting any specific person. I have draft posts about various incidents i had at my old church. Dating all the way back to 2009(i think that’s the earliest one) to the using of CPS as a weapon against me and my family in 2012 to the latest long term conflict that has resulted in me leaving my old church. I also have many many folks saying they want to be involved in my girls lives and so on and so on.

The offers of help are appreciated trust me….the statements of wanting to stay in the girls lives i understand….but…..folks…’s time to back off and chill out.

Me and the girls are being suffocated by everyone wanting to stay close. We have not even had a chance to get our lives together as our own unit yet. I am not going to take the girls into a cave..cement the entrance..and never come out….but we need time to breathe. We need time to grieve. We need time to figure out our own family dynamic.

Allow me to explain something basic to everyone who interfaced with Heather Warren more than me. I have my limits on repeated requests for the same thing in rapid succession. If you ask me once wait…use patience. If it is in my facebook feed or my text messages I will get around to reading it. If i do not decide it needs action that second it will not get responded to or acted upon. If you start repeatedly asking the same thing over and over i will simply install a block with no warning nor explanation. Once i feel your request warrants my attention i will bring the block down and address the request.

After the new year the amount of requests i am going to address(much less honor) for travel are going to be curtailed. I want us(me, chloe and alessa) to have time to get our lives in sync. I am still figuring out chloe’s school things…the same for alessa’s. I need time to get to know them much more than i ever did. I have the job of two parents to do. I still do not have all of heather’s affairs in order and i need to concentrate on that. I am not overwhelmed per se but in order to finally get a handle on everything we all(the warren family) need to get our own affairs in order.

If you want to take this as me being isolationist that’s your prerogative but this is not my intent. This is not a permanent situation but it is for the short term future. Please continue to make your requests and such but if is a delay it is because it is not that requests turn for me to address yet. if it is a true emergency trust me the delay will be minimal..if any.