July 22, 2018 Family Notable Quotes 0

I have personally experienced what this text below talks about.  I got this from a shared Facebook post.  I have amended it into a form I like without changing the meaning of the post.

The death of a spouse or partner is different than other losses, in the sense that it literally changes every single thing in your world going forward.  When your spouse dies, the way you eat changes.  The way you watch TV changes.  Your circle of friends changes (or disappears completely).  Your family dynamic/life changes(or disappears completely).  Your financial status changes.  Your job situation changes.  It effects your self-worth, self-esteem, confidence, rhythms.  It effects the way you breathe.  Your mentality.  It even changes your brain function.(Ever heard the term “Widow Brain”?  if you don’t know what that is, count yourself as very lucky.)  It changes your physical body.  Your hobbies and interests.  Your sense of security.  Your sense of humor.  Your sense of woman/manhood.  EVERY SINGLE THING CHANGES.  You are handed a new life that you never asked for and you do not particularly want.  It is the hardest, most gut-wrenching, horrific, life-altering thing to live with.