August 15, 2018 Christianity Faith 0

Anytime a title like this gets put online folks are filled with skepticism…it’s understandable, most folks have never truly come face to face with a real demon.  This includes most pastors, faith leaders, etc etc etc.  Demons do exist..not in the Hollywood way but they do exist.  The picture I am going to show you is one that’s been everywhere…but most folks were confused by this person’s appearance.  Normally I would write this off to just a person with a serious narcissistic personality traits….but something stopped me:

For those with the gift of discernment you will instantly “feel” what is going on here.  This person is not acting of his own accord but of the demon that is possessing him.  I personally have had several dealings with demons…back when i was a Druid.  I honestly had no idea what i was doing in the world of the occult at first…once I started attracting and then inviting demons(I never knew they were demons until my reconversion back to Christianity…not Churchianity which is everywhere) did i truly understand what I had gotten myself into.  Demons do not often show themselves this outwardly which is why most times when I see this I write it off as a narcissist…but this time my spirit told me…hold have dealt with this type of entity before.  Do not assume in the future if you see someone act this way that they are possessed…It is rare that demons actually show themselves in this way…but it is striking when they decide to do so….