March 7, 2019 General Technology 0

I have been trying to figure out how I want to change the rack to save power and reduce complexity.  Given i am switching away from ETC Maryland i do not need the massive amount of computing power i have sitting upstairs.  It just hit me..:)  My FreeNAS machine has the capability to hold everything not only from my local home use but also as the backup target for my webservers.  I will need to upgrade the amount of storage..but that will be cheaper on the front end than replacing everything.  My power draw savings will not be as good(still should be around 50%).  it will take a few months to transition things over.  What happens to the current r410 and r610?  I wll prepare to move them to the datacenter where they will become my primary webserver(R610) and my in datacenter bckup target(R410..fter an upgrade).