March 7, 2019 Technology 0

Not that much actually.  I looked around here and realized i now only have two machines utilizing a 12/core 24 thread monster server.  Because my FreeNAS is unix based like my Linux webservers I do not need to run a linux vm at all.  I have my firewall setup to only allow SSH connections from the primary ip addies o each of the three server that are allowed to send their backups here.  Since I do not want to simply reconfigure the two towers(mine the the girl’s tower) I am just going to nuke them and set them up standalone.  I only have to create 4 accounts.  One for each of us and my backup account in case something happens to me so he can get to my important data and other things.  I then point FreeNAS to Backblaze B2 and let that be my backup target..:)  FreeNAS snapshots will allow me to control versioning and retention so I will be able to control how much data i actually store in the cloud…and it will be pre-encrypted as well.  I will be interested to see how much my power draw drops as well.  I will go down to one single Dell R310 and then my Unifi networking gear and cable modem.